Here at the Drone Squad we offer professional drone photography and videography. This offers such a unique perspective of your adventures that is unobtainable with traditional methods of photography. For Mountain Bikers and Climbers, drone photography will allow you to remember your amazing adventures from the sky. For home or business owners looking for a leg up on their competition, there’s simply no way to showcase a property better than from the sky. Explore our services in more detail below.

Outdoor Activites Drone Photography

Outdoor Activites

The great outdoors is a major appeal of beautiful Arizona. The Cave Creek and Carefree offers such a unique, gorgeous landscape outside of the hustle and bustle of Phoenix. Hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing are three amazing activities worth doing in the area. Whether you’re lucky enough to call Arizona home or you’re just here for a vacation, drone photography and videography provides a wildly unique perspective of your outdoor adventures.¬†While it’s always best to live in the moment, drone shots will allow you to remember these amazing moments in the most epic way possible for years to come.

Corporate Events Drone Photography

Corporate Events

Company parties, vendor meetings, promotional media, you name it – aerial drone photography will provide a unique and appealing perspective.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Real Estate

We are proud to offer aerial photography and videography for your home, lot, or commercial real estate space. Drone photography will give you the upper hand as a seller, allowing potential buyers to see your property from a perspective they never would have imagined. Business owners also benefit greatly from using aerial media for promotional material, website content and more. The possibilities are endless from the sky and The Drone Squad won’t disappoint.